<aside> ⚠️ Setting Up ChatGPT

To set up a free ChatGPT account quickly, visit the 🔗 ChatGPT Website and click "sign up". Register using your email or Google, Microsoft, or Apple account. Verify your phone and confirm your email to complete signup. Once logged in, navigate the dashboard and start chatting.


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Leveraging ChatGPT for Businesses


Workshop Overview

Today, we will explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence for businesses, focusing on a range of common business use cases. We will demonstrate how ChatGPT can become an integral part of your team, assisting with various tasks to optimize efficiency and productivity.

In this workshop, we will be tackling the following tasks:

  1. Basic Communication: We'll walk through the essentials of communication. Learn how ChatGPT can help write emails, summarize articles and documents, and have conversations about PDFs using plugins.
  2. Marketing Strategy: We’ll use ChatGPT to brainstorm a six-month marketing plan to support a product launch; then, we’ll use it to create a rough draft social media schedule and press release that we can refine further.
  3. Data Analysis & Reporting: We’ll use ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter (beta) to convert raw data into insightful reports. ChatGPT can analyze datasets, identify patterns, and generate data visualizations, simplifying complex information.
  4. Talent Management: We’ll create job descriptions and job postings, and then we'll generate a scalable hierarchy of seven job roles, providing a clear career progression pathway within your organization.
  5. Business Advisor: We’ll turn ChatGPT into a business coach. The AI helps articulate business challenges or strategic goals through a collaborative, iterative, guided conversation.

Interface Tour

Before we dive into talking with ChatGPT, we’ll walk through the interface at a high level, including selecting the GPT version, sending our first message, reviewing the message history, turning on plugins, and setting up custom instructions.

Start by opening http://chat.openai.com.